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"The new uORFdb: integrating literature, sequence, and variation data in a central hub for uORF research” by Felix Manske, Lynn Ogoniak, Norbert Grundmann and Wojciech Makałowski has been published by Nucleic Acids Research.
"A Map of 3' DNA Transduction Variants Mediated by Non-LTR Retroelements on 3202 Human Genomes” by Reza Halabian and Wojciech Makałowski has been published by Biology.
"paPAML: An Improved Computational Tool to Explore Selection Pressure on Protein-Coding Sequences" by Lynn Ogoniak, Norbert Grundmann and others
"Mobilome of Apicomplexa Parasites" by Rodriguez and Makalowski has been published by Genes.
"Software evaluation for de novo detection of transposons" by Rodriguez and Makalowski has been published by Mobile DNA.
"From telomere to telomere: The transcriptional and epigenetic state of human repeat elements” by T2T consortium has been published by Science.
"Global research alliance in infectious disease: a collaborative effort to combat infectious diseases through dissemination of portable sequencing” by GRAID consortium that IoB is part of has been published by BMC Research Notes.
Congratulations to Reza and Matias on the excellent contribution on TE-driven DNA transductions in the human genome
"Somatic Functional Deletions of Upstream Open Reading Frame-Associated Initiation and Termination Codons in Human Cancer" was published by MDPI

Institute of Bioinformatics
Faculty of Medicine
University of Muenster
Niels-Stensen-Straße 14
48149 Münster, Germany
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You can reach the institute by bus from the train station, line 2 and 34, stop at "Franz Hitze Haus". The Niels-Stensen-Straße is very close. For an overview about the bus lines (8:00-20:00) see: topographic or schematic.
For location see: here

To whom does the institution-related vaccination mandate apply?
The institution-related vaccination mandate applies to all persons working at Münster University Hospital. This is independent of whether the employment relationship is with the UKM, the WWU or a subsidiary. Likewise, this is independent of whether employees work with patients or not. This therefore includes:
  • all employees of the UKM
  • all employees of Department 5 of the WWU
  • and all employees of the subsidiaries
Also affected are:
  • temporary workers
  • trainees
  • students
  • volunteers
  • interns
  • guest students
  • visiting physicians and scientists
In addition, the institution-related vaccination obligation also applies to:
  • External guests as well as all external service providers such as craftsmen, technicians or consultants.
Service providers who only enter the building for a short period of time, such as employees of parcel and courier services, are an exception.
2022-02-01 13:36