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Gene Structure Draw

This script can be used for drawing the exon-intron structure of a set of genes. One can also specify the location of (non-overlapping) domains and the color in which the domains should be drawn. Please cut-and-paste the example shown below into the entry box and press Submit to try out the script. For more details please check the FAQ.

Copy the example
#color dom1 0 255 0
#color dom2 255 0 0
geneA 10:20,50:60,80:200;100:150:dom1
geneB 60:80,90:150;70:120:dom2
geneC 20:70,120:190;30:40:dom1,60:150:dom2
Color Options Other Options
red green blue
text color
outline color
exon linecolor
exon fillcolor
exon connector linecolor
exon connector fillcolor
Image width
Gene outline
Intron as line
Exon height
Space between genes
Space between label and gene
Exon connector as line
Label for exon connector

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2015-04-30 10:53