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Welcome to Bioinformatics 1 WS 2012

This page is dedicated to Bioinformatics 1 course taught in winter semester 2012. The lectures will start on October 11, at 10:00 sharp. Location: Institute of Botany lecture hall (SBI HS), Schlossgarten 3.


  • Prof. Wojciech Makalowski; office hours: by appointment via e-mail (Niels Stensen Strasse 14)
  • Prof. Claudia Aquisti; office hours: Wednesday 3-5 PM (Hüfferstrasse 1)


  • Jasmin Dröge; office hours: Tuesday 3-4 PM (Niels Stensen Strasse 14)
  • Amit Pande; office hours: Thursday 1-2 PM (Niels Stensen Strasse 14)
  • Dorota Buczek; office hours: Friday 10-11 AM (Niels Stensen Strasse 12)
  • Marcin Jakalski; office hours: Wednesday 3-4 PM (Niels Stensen Strasse 14)
  • Stefanie Henze; office hours: Monday 3-4 PM (Huefferstrasse 1)
  • Parijat Tripathi; office hours: Thursday 4-5 PM (Huefferstrasse 1)


Thursday at 10:00 - 12:00

Date Topic Handouts
11. October Introduction to bioinformatics from the evolutionary perspective (WM) [Slides]
18. October Sequence alignments and similarity searches (WM) [Slides]
25. October Sequence assembly and gene prediction (WM) [Slides]
8. November Principles of heridity. Mutations, substitutions and polymorphisms (CA) [Slides]
15. November Distances and models. Synonymous and non-synonymous substitutions. Basics of the neutral theory. (CA) [Slides]
22. November Phylogenetic trees (Distance-based, Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood) (CA) [Slides]
29. November Population variation (CA) [Slides]

Practicals - Computer Lab

Six groups (limit - twenty students per group): Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 - 10:00 and 10:00 - 12:00

Week Topic Instructors
12. - 16. November Sequence alignments and BLAST (DB and AP)
19. - 23. November Gene prediction (JD and MJ)
26. - 30. November Phylogenetic inference (SH and PT)

Download sequence for phylogenetic analysis from: here

Registration: here

Recommended textbooks

Please note that there is no specific textbook that we follow but these two books cover all the material plus some extras.

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